Nathan Johns

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Pictures that tell your story.

We all know authentic emotion when we see it.   It is both real and sincere.   It is a bride gazing at her husband-to-be as he says his wedding vows.   It is the tender embrace of a mother and child.   It is an engaged couple enjoying one another's company.   It is a hearty laugh.   It is the smirk of an eight-year-old.   People being themselves is what gives my photographs life.  

Italian author Cesare Pavese said it best, "We do not remember days, we remember moments."   As your photographer, I pursue capturing life moments that are worth remembering: dancing, singing, celebration...  

My focus on quality and attention to detail comes from hundreds of hours of photographing, evaluating, and processing my work with a keen analytical eye. I consistently strive to improve both my technical skill and my artistic touch and style. I believe that the best results come through a collaborative process between client and photographer, and look forward to working with you.

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